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Malibu, CA
Named after the founder of modern nursing Florence Nightingale, Gales was founded to give back to the healthcare community through innovation with Smart PPE Footwear® technology, offering the highest level of affordability, safety, cleanability, comfort and style in its class. Common footwear worn in medical facilities puts our frontline workers at risk, leaving them exposed to infectious fluids and disease, so we led the charge to be the first to complete the bio-safe uniform. Gales is the first and only PPE grade, antimicrobial, injection-molded footwear that checks all the boxes:

? ANTIMICROBIAL & WATERPROOF Wipes clean in seconds top to bottom with full moisture and microbe barrier protection.

? SLIP RESISTANT & FEATHERLIGHT Durable, eco-friendly, "soft touch" feel XL Extralight® technology 3x lighter than comparable materials.

? ALL DAY COMFORT & SUPPORT Long term cushioning, arch support and moisture management with custom, machine washable Ortholite® insoles.

? AFFORDABLE Spending $130-$150+ per pair on multiple sets of work shoes didn't make sense to us, so we cut our price nearly in half at $89.95.

? STYLE We tapped into our Italian luxury footwear design background to take a vast departure from clog style shoes and introduce footwear stylish enough to grace the runway.

And most importantly... ? NO GIMMICKS
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