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Dublin, CA
When goodness comes full circle, it’s Karma. The mission of Karma® Nuts is simple - put goodness into the world whenever possible. Whether that be fueling the body with healthy food, helping out those less fortunate, or showing a bit of kindness to a stranger - Karma believes that goodness comes when a little heart is put into everything.
Award-winning, revolutionary Karma® Nuts take a unique twist on cashews with its signature Wrapped® cashews that retain natural skins so they’re extra crunchy, toasty, and tasty. Much like potatoes or apples, a great deal of nutritional benefits come from eating the cashew’s skin. Karma Nuts Wrapped® cashews have comparable antioxidative activity to blueberries and twice the fiber of a traditional cashew, delivering lower net carbs than any other cashew.
Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher, Karma Nuts never have added oils and are:
• A natural plant protein
• High in manganese and copper
• A good source of 6 essential minerals
• Comparable antioxidative activity to blueberries
Karma’s newest flavors are sure to please any crowd! Cocoa Dusted Wrapped® cashews deliver a hint of sweetness for a healthier chocolate indulgence. Golden Tumeric Wrapped® cashews embrace the healthy properities of turmeric with a sprinkle of black pepper for maximum absorption. Sweet Matcha Roasted cashews are the perfect pairing of earthy matcha and a touch of pure cane sugar. From exotic flavors to the familiar, Karma cashews (8oz jars or 1.5oz snack packs) are also available in Toasted Coconut Roasted, Lime Twist Wrapped®, Sea Salt Roasted, Cinnamon Wrapped®, Peri Peri Roasted varieties, and more.
Karma® Nuts is also dedicated to investing in the local communities it serves. Every year, 10% of profits or 1% of total brand sales (whichever is larger) goes to charities focused on supporting the well-being, health, and nutrition of children.
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