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Lancaster, PA

We’re a team of people who believe the jewelry industry — beholden to expired traditions — does more to split couples apart than bring them together. They create an asymmetrical relationship to extort a premium. And they fail to provide an experience that couples really want. We know that couples today don’t act like they used to. The idea that he “pops the question” to her with a piece of jewelry she’s never seen before, is an idea — a tradition — that gets more outdated by the day. 

Modern unions are much more of a partnership. 

They both have ideas. They both want things fast and on their terms. They both want something just as unique as their story. At Wove, we want to change the way an old system works through a collaborative design platform that puts couples first, and empowers them to create something that’s rich with meaning and truly one-of-a-kind.

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